week #8

Digital footprint is crazy because of how many photo of you and information. like when your mom new she was pregnant she probably took pictures of how big her stomach was or when she found out you were a girl or boy. They also add in things like picture uploaded of a baby shower. Things like that are included in your digital footprint be for you stepped in this world. As time goes by they have more and more infromation of your school’s, job, house, and where you live like in Colorado. There is also information after death like people talking about it after, funerals, and still five years later because something still represents you were they buried you. It all started before the moment you open your eye’s and after you close them.

week 4



What Water Can DO TO You                                                                                                                   One issue I going to talk about is water because not all people have clean water. And I think it is a big issue around the world because some people go visit places and water is so different that get sick and along with those in that area. I think everyone should have clean water in their places so it can be better for the system in the world. Anyone can get sick from dirty water and also get into dangerous situations. Some of the diseases you can get are Giardia, Legionella, Norovirus,Copper, and many more different diseases.Glenarm - St Patrick's Church [Explore]

Week 5

For this week I am going to talk about my family. My mom and dad were born in mexico and I will be talking about their great food like my favorite tacos that my mom makes. I also like how she dose them different from the rest of her family in cooking cause my mom is the best. Everytime my momś family comes over they ask her to do the food because of how great so makes them.

week #7

Hi everyone, school has been really good I got all good grade higher than a C-. All my teachers are cool and amazing.   My favorite subject is math because I am the smartest kid there because I was lowered from the smart class. I also like it cause It is all easy and things I know but I will be learning knew things later.

Week 2

                 I visited Alex blog it was funny and good I really enjoyed reading it. I thought it was a good job.                                          I posted a comment on alex because I read his about me page and I thought it was funny and how it really  actually him. I also like his avatar and how it represented alex.                                                                                                                    I like how you said that your mom is a strict asian pitbull and how you express yourself in that blog.



I visited brian blog and found it really nice and good.                                                                                                                      I liked how he put pride into his work and how it made it seem like he actually  took time to do it.


I visited eli´s blog and I choose the one minute bottle challenge.                                                                                                 When I looked at the tittle, I knew what it was going to be. I like how he explain the challenge of the bottle.





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